Sunday, March 05, 2006

Location Location Location

Short list of my findings
if you guys want to look at the sites
please do.

Grand Baccus

The Columbus Center
(416) 789-7011 ext. 298

Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto
(416) 532-3311

Elite Banquet Halls
(416) 674-0036

Premiere Ballrooms & Convention center
(416) 410-0085

Century Room
416 203 2226



We can also look into doing this at a club.
But I am kinda sketchy on the idea.
So we will see,
lets try to go for elegance but not too costly.

Flo Yhap

Friday, March 03, 2006

UPDATE - March 03/06


Cindy Yhap
Jephunneh Lattiboudeaire
Alicia Carpio
Rhonda Paulino
Mike Hillier
Mike Overandd
Stacy Anderson

Thank you all for coming out to the first set of try-outs.
There has been a bit of complications with the Vice Principals at Notre Dame CSS.
Fortunately, the majority of the executives are willing to carry on the show outside of school grounds.
As stated in our meeting - this will allow for more creative freedom, and alot bigger and better things.
We will be posting information here from now on.

Our next step is to delegate jobs to each individual and select positions or 'titles.'
Please have all information about the venue ready asap so that we can find out what our budget should look like and make reservations.

The Phenomenon